Download SharePoint 2016 Templates Free

If you are looking for SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 2016 Project Management Templates, you can follow the link below to get Free SharePoint templates.

Take a First look at SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview

Microsoft announcing the availability of their SharePoint 2016 IT Preview. Watch the video to learn more.

Microsoft Announcing availability of SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview and cloud hybrid search

In April, Microsoft broadly announced familiar  and intuitive example of their cloud inspired infrastructure of SharePoint Server 2016. Microsoft is excited to announce the cloud hybrid search preview and availability of SharePoint 2013 & SharePoint 2016 Search Preview. Learn more on this on Microsoft Blog website – Whats’ New in Sharepint Server 2016 IT Preview Watch this […]

Office Graph: Microsoft debuts ‘Office Graph’ in major update to Office 365

Microsoft debuts ‘Office Graph’ in major update to Office 365   Office Graph    

Multiple login prompts for SharePoint Users

Today I got into a peculiar situation for one of our SharePoint Portal which was on another domain. The users were prompted for logins twice and this was irritating. On a closer look I found that the addition of the SharePoint URL tot he intranet zone by group policy has resolved these issues. If anyone […]

Enable SharePoint 2013 Enterprise features: Convert from SharePoint 2013 Standard to SharePoint 2013 Enterprise

Enable SharePoint 2013 Enterprise features: Convert from SharePoint 2013 Standard to SharePoint 2013 Enterprise Go to Central Administration and click Upgrade and Migration tab and select Enable Enterprise features. Now you can add your enterprise license key and click OK. You will see the next screen upon update that the Enterprise version has been successfully […]

SharePoint 2013 Databases in Suspect Mode

Today I noticed that our Test SharePoint 2013 was down and accessible. Upon further investigation found that the databases were in SUSPECT mode. I restarted the Server and tried to access the Central Admin site but got an error. Server Error in ‘/’ Application Runtime Error Description: An application error occurred on the server. A […]

SharePoint Tools: Download Free Color Palette Tool

MS SharePoint color Palette Tool Free download Get a Freee SharePoint Color Palette Tool. Follow the instruction below and download the Color Palette Tool for SharePoint. This Color Palette tool provides color palette functionality to use with SharePoint designs.

Sandboxed Solutions in SharePoint 2010

This topic describes how site collection administrators can install, uninstall, and upgrade sandboxed solutions. Installing a Sandboxed Solution Just as with a farm solution, there are two steps to installing a sandboxed solution. In the context of sandboxed solutions, these two steps are called uploading and activating. Upload stage: The upload stage consists of uploading […]

How to Change the Icon on the Sign-In Page in SharePoint 2010?

You’ve turned on claims-based authentication for a web application in SharePoint 2010, and you’ve also enabled the “Forms-based authentication” option in the authentication settings for one or more zones. The sign-in page SharePoint displays when you browse to the site has an error icon (red circle with a white X) on it, and you’d like to replace that with a different icon

What’s new in SharePoint 2010 SP1

What’s new in SharePoint 2010 SP1 With all the latest buzz on the release of SharePoint 2010 Service Pack1, here is what SharePoint 2010 SP1 adds: Site Recycle Bin: With this new feature, administrators can restore site collections and/or sites that have been accidentally deleted by their owners. How often does this happen? Hopefully not […]

Improvements in SharePoint 2010 Service Pack1

As some of you already started testing the release of SharePoint 2010 Service pack1 and there is already enough fuss about this Service pack 1. Personally I feel that the SP1 release and the June CU for SharePoint 2010 releases added more fuel to the problem. I have stressed this enough to install the Service […]

How to Pass Querystring data into an InfoPath Form

Recently I came across this blog when trying to test some new functionality in  Infopath and SharePoint 2010. How to easily send a value from the browser’s query string into an InfoPath form. Hopefully this will help somoeone. Please see the link below.

SharePoint Illegal Characters

Today we started to bring in the documents for our new department and found lot of errors trying to move the folders and the documents to SharePoint. This is due to the Illegal characters in the naming conventions. Characters that can’t or shouldn’t be used in File, folder and site names. ~ # % & […]

SharePoint 2010: Missing Links in Central Administration

Today 03/14, I came across this scenario, and wanted to post something up as it will make you second guess your SharePoint configuration [and sanity].  I have SharePoint 2010 hosted on my Windows 7 laptop.  In my Favorites Bar in IE, I created a SP2010 folder, and in that folder, I add a favorite for […]